Built as a class project for GameDev.tv's Unity 2D course, this small game was used as practice for Unity, C#, pixel art, and animated sprite VFX. Normal mapped sprites are utilized, as well as Bloom post-processing.

Levels increase in difficulty fairly rapidly, as does ball speed on each bounce.

Known bugs:

  • Ball velocity may slow to a crawl if caught between collision boxes. This is remedied the next time the ball bounces off something.
  • Occasional bug with paddle collision when moving quickly, resulting in unexpected bounces.


  • Proper fullscreen support
  • Background music
  • Clean up collision bugs


Mouse is used for movement. Click to fire the ball. Space bar returns to the start menu if the final level is completed.

Tools used:

External assets used:

Install instructions

Install using the Itch.io app. If not using the app, unzip downloaded file. Game exe will be located in the extracted folder.


GitGudBreak_0.4 23 MB

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